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At PZ Cussons we are Good4Business

At PZ Cussons we are Good4Business, conducting our business with integrity and care. This ethos forms part of the company’s DNA, and the foundations on which the company was built over 130 years ago.

Our Good4Business principles are integral to the Company's strategy to how we can Create Sustainable Value (CSV) for all .

We have chosen four principles to help us ensure Good4Business becomes an integral part of the all day-to-day decision-making.

Creating Sustainable Value

Our guiding CSV principles are set out in our 'Doing Good Business’ statement and are based on four key areas where we have identified our operations could potentially have the biggest positive or negative impact.

  • Business Governance and Ethics

  • Sourcing

  • Environment

  • Community & Charity

The statement relates to all our Group’s global operations and its policies and principles apply to every director, manager and employee, whom we encourage and motivate to use these principles in their day to day working lives.

We believe that by engendering a Good4Business culture and by demonstrating how Good4Business works in practice, the Group provides a corporate environment to pursue opportunities and  to be involved in activities which have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Click here for CSR terms of reference.

A copy of the Good4Business Policy can be found by clicking the link.