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Minerva, Horio, Benecol & TOP

Our Greek food business Minerva, took the first steps in the Greek olive oil market at the beginning of the 1900s and since then has become one of Greece's largest companies in the food market. Minerva is a dynamic, high quality food company, highlighting the values of the Greek diet through its development of delicious olive oils, olive based spreads and Mediterranean cheeses and we are proud that our olive oil is renowned as some of the best in the world.

Always adapting to consumer tastes, Minerva continues to introduce new and innovative food ranges such as organic and cholesterol-lowering products.  With the development of sustainable production practices and a focus on promoting health eating, Minerva is establishing itself as more than just a food brand but a credible voice in the food industry.

Product Information

Minerva ranges include olive oil, kernal oil, butter, margerine, and corn oil. Horio ranges include cheese, butter, margerine, olive oil and organic products. Benecol includes cholesterol lowering cheese and spreads.TOP vinegar ranges offer glazes and balsamic vinegar choices.

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Minerva's key market is Greece with significant export activities in 42 countries worldwide.