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Rafferty's Garden

Rafferty's Garden stems from one simple idea: only the best is good enough for your baby.  Rafferty's Garden baby food is full of the yummiest fruits and vegetables, all packed with goodness and specially grown to make the best baby food in the world.  It is made with 100% premium ingredients and nothing else from baby to toddler, to delicious and healthy lunch box treats for your little ones.

Product Information

Rafferty's Garden baby food pouches include purees, mashes and textured combinations of fruits and vegetables and Flavours of the World ranges for 10 months plus. LB1 includes health snacks from age 4 including juices, jellies, ices and custards. The range has recently been expanded with chilled children's yoghurts and yummy yoghurt button snacks.


Rafferty's Garden is currently available in Australia, New Zealand and China.