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Cussons Baby

Cussons Baby is a brand which is inspired by babies and has been part of Mum’s life since the 1980’s. It is a trusted baby care brand to care for baby’s soft skin and has been used by mums over generations. Cussons Baby will always try to understand mothers and their natural instincts in the journey of motherhood and thus the brand’s product innovation and communication are developed for babies different skin needs. 


Product Information

Cussons Baby is available in 4 variants: Mild & Gentle, Soft & Smooth, Cares & Protects, and Naturals.

Core range includes Powder, Cleansing, Hair Care, Skin Care, Baby Accessories, Laundry,  Household and Gifting.


Cussons Baby portfolio has market leading positions in Indonesia and Africa.  
It is expanding to more geographies such as Philippines, Vietnam and South Africa.