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Environment: Waste & Packaging

Waste - 16% reduction

Versus our 2011/12 baseline


We strive to reduce the level of waste we generate as a bi-product of our manufacturing processes, whether from incoming goods, non-conforming products requiring disposal or water needed to clean our plants at the end of production.

By adopting responsible wastage policies and through careful monitoring, we continue to minimise environmental impacts and have a positive effect on the amount of natural resources we consume, the levels of waste we need to dispose of and the substantial financial savings we can bring to the business.

Notable reductions under this policy have occurred in:

  • Greece – 65%

  • Poland – 34%

  • Nigeria – 7.2%

A 65% reduction in waste was achieved by adopting new environmental ways of working in Greece and 7.2% reduction for Nigeria. Poland has also reduced its waste by 34%, which again is a significant achievement attained through a combination of packaging waste reductions and a decrease in soap manufacturing waste.


Target – 15% reduction in waste disposal (including effluent) by 2015

Versus our 2011/12 baseline


Packaging- light-weighting over 53 million bottles

Packaging our products in an environmental way to reduce waste and the global resources we consume remains a strategic focus. Work on light-weighting, optimising structural and material design to eliminate unnecessary packaging materials continues with notable successes with over 53 million bottles light-weighted.

We understand that it is not a realistic target to eliminate packaging completely therefore, in addition to our light-weighting initiatives, we also encourage our consumers to reuse and recycle packaging.

Target – 10% packaging reduction in weight by 2015.


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