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Seven Scent

Seven Scent has been operating for over 25 years, supplying fragrances to leading brands in personal care, toiletries and household consumer products for mature and emerging markets.  Our fragrance footprint can be found around the world. Pick up one of the leading brands of shower gel in the UK, the leading baby brand in Indonesia or the most popular soap brand in Nigeria – they each contain our fragrance.

As part of the PZ Cussons group we have successfully created fragrances for these and many other well-known consumer brands.  Now, as a separate fragrance business, with our own identity, we are offering our fragrance expertise, creativity and knowledge to a wider audience.  This commercial background means we understand the challenges you face.  We not only create inspiring new fragrances, we make them work harder; efficiently, effectively and within defined objectives to deliver the best possible performance for your business.

Product Range

Seven Scent's core categories for fragrance development are Personal Care, Home Care and Baby Care.

Personal Care

With a strong heritage and a number of successful personal care brands in our portfolio, Seven is well placed to create and deliver inspiring fragrances for product application including bath and shower application, bar soap, hair care and antiperspirant deodorant applications.

Home Care

In Home Care, our ability to create fragrances suitable for challenging technical bases means that we have developed fragrance solutions for some of the world’s leading homecare brands. Our portfolio includes fragrances for applications such as household cleaners, bleach, disinfectant, dishwash, air care and laundry products.

Baby Care

In Baby Care, safety is key - our portfolio of proven fragrances has been specifically developed for sensitive skins; offering mild formulas which satisfy consumer demand for on-pack claims. We apply the same stringent levels of care across a growing range of products including baby wipes, oil, powder, bath, skin care and shampoo products.

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Based in the UK, Seven Scent produces fragrances for markets worldwide, in both emerging and developed markets.