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The original homeland of PZ, Africa is one of our longest-established and largest markets. We operate in Personal Care, Home Care, Electricals and Food and Nutrition and our joint venture businesses PZ Wilmar, HPZ and Nutricima are based here.

Our three main African markets are Nigeria -  Africa’s most populous country (circa 170 million people) and our biggest single market, West Africa, based in Ghana and East Africa based in Kenya.

In Personal Care and Home Care we are proud of our successful local brands such as Zip and Premier which we continue to expand and renovate, leading to overall growth of our market share.  Our global brands in this category such as Imperial Leather and Carex are also well established and thriving in these markets.

In Electricals, we lead in the core refrigerator, freezer and washing machine market and are proud to have celebrated our 40th Anniversary of our Thermocool electricals brand in 2013.  Combining cutting edge technology and innovation to address everyday household challenges, our leading ranges in white goods, audiovisual, air conditioning units and generators are a result of our successful joint venture parternship with Haier.   "Coolworld", our white goods retail outlet is open to consumers in Nigeria and Ghana.

Within the Food and Nutrition category in Africa we have two joint ventures: Nutricima with Glanbia Plc, operating in the nutritional beverage sector; and PZ Wilmar with Wilmar International Limited, operating in the branded oils and spreads market from crude palm oil, now refined locally.

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