Local Community & Charity

We are committed to helping and supporting the local communities in the vicinity of our factories and offices. Many of our employees come from those communities and we are often reliant on them for their support, goodwill and cooperation. But our presence in the community, particularly in emerging markets, also puts us in the privileged position to help improve the living conditions and life chances of all of our neighbours. This obviously helps us to establish good relations with government and other local stakeholders but, more than this, it reflects a fundamental belief which has been at the heart of PZ Cussons’ approach to business since the days of our founding fathers in the 1880’s. For a business to grow sustainably, it must be a force for positive change in society.


PZ Cussons Nigeria Foundation and Inner Hearts

In Nigeria, we established a charitable foundation in 2007 to assist the development of better transport links and roads, potable water, sanitation, health and education and to improve the quality of the life of people living near our operations in Nigeria. The Foundation funds and implements projects which promote the well-being of local people, are sustainable and produce innovative solutions which be easily replicated throughout the country.

Our Inner Hearts programme was also started in Nigeria and has been adopted by all our global operations. The program encourages our employees to become involved with initiatives which they care about, giving them support and a framework to benefit local communities and charities. We are proud of the fantastic commitment and enthusiasm which so many of our employees have demonstrated throughout the year in support of a range of wonderful charities which are making a real difference to lives all over the world. 


G4B Case Studies

PZ Cussons Nigeria Foundation

During the year, the Foundation undertook a number of projects including the construction of a block of three classrooms at Hardawa Community School in the North-East city of Bauchi and of a solar-powered water system in the Eastern state of Adamawa. The latter project comprises a solar-powered borehole with an overhead storage tank and livestock drinking troughs with the capacity to provide clean drinking water for 300 cattle per day and 30 local households in an area of significant water scarcity. The Foundation has also continued to run its nationally recognised PZ Cussons Chemistry Challenge for a fifth year. The initiative encourages secondary school students to study the sciences especially chemistry.

Australia Foodbanks

In Australia, PZ Cussons became a proud National Partner of Foodbank Australia, an organisation which supports the homeless and food insecure by providing food & grocery donations. Supporting Foodbank Australia’s aim to provide over 600 million meals last year, our Australian business donated almost 50,000 cases of free food and personal care and homecare products. We also supported Foodbank by providing “volunteer” days which enabled our team to get out of the office and pick and pack product ready for delivery. 

Global Handwashing Day

In October 2018 our Carex brand once again joined forces with United Purpose, our international development charity partner, to support Global Handwashing Day. This annual event, which was started by the United Nations ten years ago, touches over 200 million people and promotes a simple and life-saving message that handwashing with soap saves lives. In Nigeria, thousands of students were inspired and empowered to encourage their schoolmates, families and communities to make handwashing a habit.

Water reduction

There are increasing problems of water scarcity on the island of Java.  High levels of water extraction though boreholes has drained aquifers and many have become contaminated with sea water.  The Group challenge to reduce water consumption was therefore very relevant for our staff at our Tangerang factory. The first step was to mobilise our staff to take measurements and get a detailed understanding of all areas where water is used and then pull together a plan to reduce consumption.  As a result of their efforts they were able to reduce water consumption by 7% year on year.


CSR Policies

PZ is committed to conducting all our activities in accordance with high standard of business conduct.

We have a number of policies and procedures in place that sets out specific steps that businesses within the group must take to ensure we are compliant with these standards.