The Environment & Our Plastic Promise

Safeguarding the world for future generations is vital. Here at PZ Cussons our approach to plastics, water, carbon and waste are central to our commitment to do just that.

We have already decreased plastics use significantly over the past few years – light-weighting bottles and introducing refills. This has removed hundreds of tonnes of plastic from our business globally.

Water and carbon reduction are also high on our agenda where we continue to build on the progress we have already made in reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

What is the PZ Cussons’ Plastic Promise?

In 2018 we pledged to redouble our efforts to minimise plastic packaging in our business, with the PZ Cussons 25 by 25 Plastic Promise.

Our aim is to:

Reduce plastic in our business by 25% by 2025
Ensure that 100% of any remaining plastic used is reusable, recyclable or compostable
Use at least 30% recycled materials in all our plastic packaging

How is innovation driving change?

One example is our Carex brand which is already driving significant plastic reduction in the UK and influencing how consumers shop. Our redesign is based on circular economy and principles of REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE – aiming to help our consumers reduce their consumption by keeping their packs & pumps for longer and reusing via refilling and then recycling at the end of each service life. Our eco charge pack comes without a pump encouraging you to reuse your existing pump. Our 500ml refill uses 75% less plastic than a standard bottle, while the 1L uses 80% less plastic. Their popularity resulted in 5.1m fewer pumps sold in 2019 and refill pouch sales are currently growing by more than 240% year-on-year.

What is our global commitment?

Similar to the work on Carex we are working to employ circular economy principles to all of our global brands.

Our Plastic Promise is also driving innovation across our categories as we explorehow to deliver products to consumers without using plastic. We have identified novel packaging solutions and potential new products, which we plan to trial. These willallow us to significantly reduce our plastic footprint while also opening up new commercial opportunities.

How are we saving water?

We have reduced our water consumption by millions of tonnes over the past few years. This is part of a continuous programme, with water reduction targets included in the operational plans of every factory in the Group.

At our UK headquarters alone, we have reduced water consumption by 63% year-on-year, using a combination of new equipment and changes in working practice. Globally, we reduced consumption by around a quarter in 2019.

This follows annual reductions of 7%, 16% and 34% achieved over the preceding three years respectively.

How are we reducing our carbon footprint?

This year we achieved a 12% absolute reduction in our carbon footprint. We did this by incorporating energy reduction objectives into operational plans at every factory. This not only lowered our carbon emissions, but helped to reduce our running costs. In the UK, our Agecroft and Aviator Way sites have used 100% renewable power since June 2018.

PZ Cussons is also a member of the Carbon Disclosure Project – an international, not-for-profit organisation, which provides independent global systems for companies to measure their environmental impact. This year, the CDP awarded us a C grade, indicating our effective environmental impact management.

What are we doing about waste?

In 2019 we reduced waste per tonne of production by 13% year-on-year to build on reductions of approximately 75% over the past two years. However, we have more to do. We are working hard to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and continuously look for landfill alternatives.

This is an approach that is working at our Thai soap factory and at Aba in East Nigeria where improvements in supplier quality and our own manufacturing techniques have seen significant reductions in wrapper waste going to landfill. In Indonesia we have improved waste segregation to ensure a greater quantity is recycled.

CSR Policies

PZ is committed to conducting all our activities in accordance with high standard of business conduct.

We have a number of policies and procedures in place that sets out specific steps that businesses within the group must take to ensure we are compliant with these standards.