Our Sustainability Approach & Focus Area

We are putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

We are focused on a programme of constant improvement within our global operations and continue to make good progress on a number of key sustainability projects. We are committed to broadening our efforts and setting clear targets which can be measured over time.

These will build on a number of already established commitments for targeted areas of interest and concern, including our 2023 Palm Oil Action Plan and our reduction targets for energy, water and waste.

We have also started an ambitious journey to become a certified B Corporation.

Sustainability governance

Sustainability is at the core of our new strategy. As such, sustainability performance is embedded within strategic performance and there is ownership and accountability for these areas across the Executive Leadership Team. The Board intends to establish an Environmental, Social, and Governance Committee, and we have also appointed our first Chief Sustainability Officer, a role dedicated to coordinating global efforts across the Group. Our Remuneration Policy also has clearly defined targeted strategic and sustainability metrics to address and incentivise our ambitions in this area.

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