Our Sustainability Journey to B Corp

Building on our sustainability progress, our ambition is for PZ Cussons plc to become a certified B Corporation by 2026.

B Corporation is a global movement of businesses recognising that we can only truly thrive when we benefit everyone impacted by our operations. We see our journey towards B Corporation certification as a bold statement of intent, and we would be among the first UK listed companies to achieve it at a group-wide level.

B Corporation certification will have benefits for all of our key stakeholder groups and for us. The B Corporation logo is a mark of trust for consumers looking to buy from companies with ambitious sustainability policies and goals. Retailers are responding to this and already spotlighting B Corporation brands. It will also help us attract the best talent by improving our employer proposition and improve our reputation with communities. 

Finally, investors are increasingly focusing on ESG measures in determining which companies are worthy of investment, driven by a desire to invest sustainably and responsibly and a recognition that sustainable companies are providing better returns on investment.

How do we get there?

We are conducting a series of assessments (both self-assessments and facilitated assessments) of a sample set of our business to give us a baseline understanding of where we are now. We will then define an action plan for the range of initiatives (Group and local) needed to move us towards our Group certification goal. This may mean we seek to certify some business units first or that we focus on particular priority areas.

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