Our Journey to B Corp

Building on our sustainability progress, our ambition is for PZ Cussons plc to become a certified B Corp by 2026.

B Corporation is a global movement of businesses recognising that we can only truly thrive when we benefit everyone impacted by our operations. We see our journey towards B Corp certification as a bold statement of intent.

B Corp certification will have benefits for the business and for our stakeholders. Retailers increasingly look to purchase brands that have achieved this standard, and it is a mark of trust for consumers looking to buy from companies with demonstrated sustainability credentials.

Investors are also increasingly focusing on ESG measures in determining which companies are worthy of investment, driven by a desire to invest sustainably and responsibly and a recognition that sustainable companies are providing better returns on investment.

Learn more on: https://www.bcorporation.net/en-us/


How do we get there?

In order to achieve our B Corp ambitions we will need to conduct baseline assessments of each of our businesses and commit to improvement programmes in collaboration with B Labs, who manage the certification process.

Each of our businesses has established initial improvement plans and are working towards refining and implementing them. Childs Farm was the first of our businesses to achieve B Corp certification in July 2022.

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