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Business Governance and Ethics

Committees and governance

Our Business is built on solid governance foundations. Our Good4Business Committee is chaired by independent Non-executive Director Ngozi Edozien and is dedicated to developing and supporting actions to convert our internal policies into workable, meaningful actions which benefit all our key stakeholders, including employees, Shareholders, consumers and the communities in which we operate. The Committee also agrees a programme of specific G4B initiatives for each financial year, aligned to Group priorities and key performance indicators.

The Good4Business Committee’s remit includes reporting on its activities to the Board, and monitoring compliance with G4B Policies throughout the Group.

Strong ethics
At the heart of our Business are our strong ethical values. These guide us on a daily basis and shape the way in which we do business and how we treat others. Over the Group’s history we have created a business environment which is open and honest and creates strong and enduring relationships which are rooted in mutual trust and respect. We act with integrity and we are fair when dealing with our suppliers, customers and business partners. We operate and enforce a strong code of ethics.

Consumer safety
We work within highly regulated industries which require compliance with stringent international safety and manufacturing regulations, and with which all of our products in each market fully comply. We put safety at the top of our priority list and never compromise on it.

We regularly review the ingredients which we use to make our products to check that we are providing our discerning global consumers with the safest and most efficacious product formulations. To achieve this, we operate a Materials of Concern Committee which monitors the materials which we use in light of evolving scientific evidence, regulatory opinion and the views and concerns of our consumers. Where the science still supports the safe use of an ingredient but where there are consumer concerns, we take this into consideration and aim to find alternative ingredients. Examples of this have been the complete removal of microbeads from all of our products, which we completed last year, and also the phasing out of Triclosan from all of our product ranges.

Saying no to animal testing
We are opposed to any form of animal testing and we do not test our ingredients or finished products on animals or ask any third parties involved in any part of our production or supply chain to test on our behalf.

In countries which still demand testing on animals as part of their specific country consumer safety standards, we will work with their regulatory authorities to find alternative solutions to avoid the need for animal testing.

Consumer safety remains our priority and we recognise the need for validated non-animal testing methods. To that end, we fully support the FRAME (Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments) campaign for better science through more relevant non-animal testing methods and continue to financially support FRAME’s research activities to perfect these methods.