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We behave ethically as a business, through the decisions we make, the way we market and sell our products, and through our corporate and ESG governance processes.

We operate in a business environment which is open, honest and fair with our suppliers, customers and business partners, and we do not tolerate corruption. Our ethical principles require that we show respect and integrity in our dealings with all our stakeholders.

We have a number of policies and standards which govern our approach.

Code of Ethical Conduct

Our Code of Ethical Conduct sets out the Company’s statement of ethical principles and the behaviours expected across the business. It provides rules and guidance to ensure the Company complies with the UK Bribery Act and equivalent legislation in other countries.

The Code applies to all employees, contractors, directors and senior management as well as joint venture partners, suppliers, agents, consultants and advisers. The Code details the Company’s zero tolerance of all forms of bribery and corruption and prohibits the payment of bribes, kickbacks and facilitation payments. It sets out thresholds and reporting processes for gifts and hospitality and a framework for charitable and political contributions. The Code also sets out the Company’s position on animal testing, anti-slavery and forced labour, supply chain due diligence, the Company’s responsibilities towards its employees, the prevention of financial crime and the protection of whistle-blowers.

Modern Slavery Act and Supplier Code of Conduct

The Company’s Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement sets out our commitment to integrity of our supply chain, supported by our Supplier Code of Conduct and procurement policies to ensure that we do not engage directly or indirectly with slavery or human trafficking.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct incorporates the Modern Slavery Act statement and mirrors our ethical principles set out in the newly launched Code of Ethical Conduct, requiring our suppliers to adhere to the same standards to which we hold ourselves. The Company’s policy is to only contract with suppliers who are willing to adhere to our ethical principles. Our suppliers confirm compliance with relevant laws and regulatory standards in all countries in which we operate. Suppliers are subject to periodic audits and are encouraged to submit to third-party rating programmes.

Animal testing

We are passionately against animal testing. We do not test finished products or ingredients on animals, and do not permit our suppliers or any third parties to test on our behalf. Our suppliers have to accept those terms to work with us. We will not sell our products, directly or indirectly, in any manner which would require them to be tested on animals prior to reaching our consumers.

In the UK we have joined PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program in January 2020. This means that all the brands operating under PZ Cussons UK and Beauty are certified as being free from animal testing. These brands include: Original Source, Carex, Imperial Leather, Sanctuary Spa, St. Tropez, Charles Worthington and Fudge.

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