It’s in the DNA of PZ Cussons to be a force for positive change.

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We recognise the impacts that we have on the planet and on society, and we take responsibility for addressing these impacts and work in partnership with our suppliers, customers and communities to make a difference. We are guided by our company purpose: For Everyone, For Life, For Good, which helps us consider the customers, consumers and communities we serve, our employees and the planet when we make decisions as a business.

Our Environmental and Social Impact framework which we call ‘Better for All’, aligns to our purpose and our sustainability strategy helps everyone in the business, whatever their role, understand how they can help us to achieve our targets. The framework is also supported by a set of short and long-term KPIs.

The areas within the framework that we focus on were validated and determined by a Group-wide materiality assessment.

For Everyone

Our impacts on people

We are committed to providing high-quality and safe products to our consumers and customers, compelling and rewarding careers for our people and to helping the communities where we operate.

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For Life

Our environmental impacts

We address all our environmental impacts with our purpose in mind. This means managing air quality and reducing our carbon emissions, improving our packaging, waste and our water use and making the right sourcing decisions.

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For Good

Our behaviours as a business

We behave ethically as a business, through the decisions we make, the way we market and sell our products, and through our corporate and ESG governance processes.

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Managing Our Impact

We have developed a new way of understanding our impacts, created a new ESG framework including KPIs and targets, and are developing new governance structures.

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Policies, Disclosures & Reports

We have developed a number of sustainability policies, standards and documents, which communicate how we manage and respond to a range of issues.

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