Our Structure

We are a branded consumer goods company, with more than 130 years of heritage.

We operate in both developed and emerging markets, with approximately 3,000 employees around the world. Our business is divided into three geographic units: Europe & the Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa.

Europe & the Americas

The UK is home to our corporate headquarters in Manchester as well as our UK Personal Care and Beauty businesses, including a manufacturing centre of excellence and our fragrance house, Seven Scent. Childs Farm is also based in Basingstoke, UK.

Asia Pacific

We have offices and manufacturing in Indonesia, Thailand and Australia. We also have a corporate office in Singapore which is home to our global procurement function.


Our largest office and manufacturing centre is in Lagos, Nigeria. We have smaller manufacturing operations in other parts of Nigeria and Kenya as well as offices in Kenya and Ghana. Our joint venture, PZ Wilmar (Food & Nutrition), and our subsidiary HPZ (Electricals) are also located in Nigeria.

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