Business Model

We build brands, which enables us to create value for all our stakeholders.

What we do

We are a branded consumer goods business.

Insight and innovation

Obtain insights into current consumer needs and longer term trends. Through innovation, use these insights to continuously develop brands and products that consumers want and desire.

Sourcing and manufacturing

Service consumer demand by sourcing ethically responsible raw materials and manufacturing them into high quality finished products, either in our own world class facilities or through carefully selected, trusted third-party supplier relationships.

Advertising and marketing

Invest in multi-channel advertising and marketing campaigns to connect with consumers and build memorable, trusted and well-loved brands.

Sales and distribution

Establish customer partnerships and channels to deliver our products to wherever our shoppers shop.

Trial and loyalty

Delight consumers through the use of our products.

Underpinned by our purpose, culture, values, governance and ethics.

Our competitive advantage

Our strength is in being a multi-local rather than multinational business, with the level of focus, experience and dedication to our priority markets that this brings.

Our brands

High-quality, trusted and well-loved brands.

Our people

Diverse, skilled and passionate employees. Leaders at all levels.

Our infrastructure

World-class manufacturing and distribution capabilities in selected geographies.

Our stakeholders

Close working relationships with customers, consumers, suppliers and communities.

Our financials

Strong balance sheet reflecting our disciplined approach.

The value we create

Our business model creates shared, sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

For consumers

Innovative, high-quality and trusted brands.

For customers

Our retail partners and customers benefit from selling our leading brands.

For employees

Engaged teams and relationships, training and development opportunities and a supportive culture and values.

For investors

A strong balance sheet, refreshed leadership and a plan to deliver sustainable, profitable revenue growth.

For society

Community and charitable initiatives linked to our priority markets.

For the environment

Sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Sustainable sourcing, our 2023 Palm Oil Action Plan and reduced carbon emissions, water use and landfill waste.

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