For Everyone

We are committed to providing high-quality and safe products to our consumers and customers, compelling and rewarding careers for our people and to helping the communities where we operate.

Our products

Product quality and consumer safety are critical to building brands that consumers trust and use for the long term. We focus on creating products that deliver functional and wellbeing benefits to our consumers and that meet the growing consumer desire for more sustainable products.

We have consistently invested in assuring product quality and consumer safety throughout our value chain. We apply robust management systems and the latest science to ensure that our products are safe for consumers and consistently deliver the experience that consumers demand.

Our main manufacturing sites are accredited to ISO9001 for quality. We use ISO10377, the standard for consumer safety, to assess and improve our performance and we measure ourselves regularly against the standard.

Our people

We have nearly 3,000 employees around the world and our people define who we are as a business. Our culture and human resource processes are designed to ensure we attract, retain and develop the most talented and capable people, and that our employees are incentivised and rewarded with compelling career paths.

Health and safety

We are committed to delivering globally consistent and high standards of health and safety for all of our people. The ELT and Board scrutinise our performance and compliance with regulations in the countries where we operate, supported by health and safety specialists who monitor our operations. Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility and we encourage employees to identify and report hazards or near misses.

All our manufacturing operations are accredited to ISO45001. Our continuous improvement programme in our factories aligns with ISO45001.


The wellbeing of our employees is central to our approach. Our locations have proactively led a wide range of health and wellbeing activities relevant to their people. While ensuring regional flexibility, the plan is to establish a Global Wellbeing vision and framework that will bring a level of consistency across locations and prevent any teams or individuals from feeling excluded. The wellbeing of our people is currently measured through our annual global engagement survey and we are pleased that this is an area where we continue to observe improvement.

Culture and purpose

Our culture is what sets us apart from the competition and makes us unique. We are keen to not lose what makes our organisation special, recognising the need to build on our rich history and ensure our culture is right today and for the future.

Our employees, management and Board have worked together to define our purpose – ‘For everyone, for life, for good’ and capture our BEST values – Bold, Energetic, Striving and Together. When bringing these values to life we are creating a high-engagement culture, releasing high performance and growing compelling career paths to attract, retain and develop the most talented and capable people.


Our multi-local footprint ensures that we are a diverse business by nature, but we recognise that a diverse workforce needs an inclusive environment to flourish. We are continuously evolving our process of managing diversity and culture of inclusion, aligned with the local nuances where we operate.

As new hybrid ways of working become established, we remain committed to our Inclusive Working principles of collaboration, development and delivery, wellbeing and inclusion. This enables employees to work in ways that allow them to be productive and effective while also thriving.

Our communities

We are committed to achieving positive social change and ensuring that we address the specific needs of the communities where we operate. Our Code of Ethical Conduct sets out the procedures and principles that ensure that any charitable donations are made to organisations that are free from political affiliations or conflicts of interest.

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