The Mamador Brand was launched in 2013 with cooking oil as the core product offering.

The Mamador Brand was launched in 2013 with Cooking Oil as the core product offering. The Brand is a healthy and tasty food brand that promises to make cooking and sharing delicious meals more rewarding. Mamador offers a range of quality products in different pack sizes that combine taste and health benefits so you can enjoy your food without any health worry.


Mamador Oil is a healthy cooking oil that is cholesterol-free containing Omega 6&9, proven to keep the heart healthy. It is triple filtered to ensure removal of all impurities – thus, 100% Pure. Mamador Cooking Oil is the ideal healthy choice for daily cooking as it also contains Vitamins A&E which provide major health benefits to the family. Mamador is suitable for all types of cooking, frying and baking and brings out the expected natural taste of any meal prepared with it. Mamador Cooking Oil is produced and packaged locally (in Nigeria) in world class manufacturing facilities (Refinery & Packing) thereby guaranteeing freshness and availability.

Mamador Spread for Bread was launched in 2018 and comes in two variants (Classic and Light Fat). While the Classic variant is very popular for spreading, cooking and baking, the Light Fat variant is ideal for spreading with Bread. Mamador Light Fat Spread contains 7 essential vitamins and minerals necessary for growth and development and is also very easy to spread and has a rich buttery taste.

Mamador Seasoning was launched in 2018 and is made from a carefully thought out selection of flavours, spices and herbs to add a rich taste in your meals. It offers a unique 2-in-1 benefit of superior long lasting taste from best quality ingredients and health benefits from 30% RDA of Zinc & Iron for your family. Now, you can enjoy tastier meals and be sure your family is hale, hearty and happy. It comes in three variants (Beef, Chicken and Classic) and can be used for both intercontinental and local dishes.

Our products are of highest quality/food safety with attestations locally (NAFDAC, SON) and internationally (FSSC 22000, AIB, Halal)

Mamador is available in Nigeria.

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