Our Graduate Programmes

Our Graduate Programmes provide engaging and diverse experiences, offering constant challenges and inspiration. Surrounded by experienced mentors, you’ll have opportunities to learn and grow, making a real impact as we transform our business.

Discover the programmes on offer, gain insights from our current graduates, and find answers to frequently asked questions below.

The Programmes

Commercial Graduate Programme

Our Commercial Graduate Programme consists of four six-month rotations focusing on sales and account management. You will gain hands-on experience in revenue growth, product marketing and international key account management.

The programme is designed to build your future as a National Account Manager – a critical role in building and nurturing relationships with our key retail partners. Aspiring commercial leaders, skilled in metrics, persuasive communication, and strategic thinking, thrive here. We value individuals that challenge the status quo, foster genuine relationships, and create win-win solutions.

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Marketing Graduate Programme

Our Marketing Graduate Programme offers four six-month rotations covering sales, account management, consumer and product insights, and two marketing rotations. Your impact will go beyond campaigns and content as very bold idea influences millions of people and beloved brands like Original Source, Imperial Leather, and St. Tropez.

The programme is designed to springboard your career into roles like Social Media Manager, Brand Manager, or Digital Marketing Manager. We welcome aspiring marketeers with business knowledge, strong communication skills, a willingness to engage with data, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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Supply Chain Graduate Programme

Our Supply Chain Graduate Programme will give you end-to-end experience of our supply chain, from concept to customer. With four six-month rotations in areas like supply planning, manufacturing and procurement, you’ll develop the skills for future success as a supply chain business leader.

We value an always-learning mindset, proficiency in data analysis, strong business acumen, effective communication skills and problem-solving finesse.

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Digital Technology (Web) Graduate Programme

Our Digital Technology (Developer) Graduate Programme is designed for those seeking a practical entry into web development and digital technologies. The programme involves four six-month rotations, allowing you to develop web skills, project management expertise, and grasp of MarTech systems.

We value collaboration, a ‘test & learn’ mindset, creative problem-solving, and a strategic outlook that links technology with functions like marketing. If you are familiar with front-end versus back-end practices, coding languages like Python, Java, or JavaScript and have experience with MarTech applications, this will stand you in good stead.

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Digital Technology (Data) Graduate Programme

Our Digital Technology (Data) Graduate Programme offers hands-on learning in data and insight principles. You will work on diverse projects in report development, business analysis and data science with guidance from industry experts.

We want you to apply your theoretical knowledge to real business problems. We value strong analytical skills, an innovative mindset and knowledge in data-related areas. If you are familiar with coding languages or have knowledge of data visualisation tools like PowerBi, this will stand you in good stead.

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Life as a PZ Cussons Graduate

Hear from our current graduates about their experiences so far and learn about how they secured a place on our graduate programme.


PZC are looking for dynamic and driven individuals who are keen to make a difference. It’s not all about the skills you already have – showing your eagerness to learn and develop is equally important.

PZ Cussons Graduate

Being part of a global business means there are exciting opportunities to work across leading brands in different markets, even in the early days of your career.

PZ Cussons Graduate

Voicing my opinion has always been met with respect and my input as a graduate is genuinely appreciated. I’ve been given lots of responsibility from the beginning, which makes me feel trusted and valued.

PZ Cussons Graduate

I think that PZC is the perfect size to start your career, it really is big enough to make a difference but small enough to make your mark as a graduate.

PZ Cussons Graduate

Working in digital transformation is a very exciting place to be. As the company grows, you’ll get to work with and experience some cutting edge technology in a friendly and collaborative environment.

PZ Cussons Graduate

My experience has been eye opening and stretching, and I’ve loved getting stuck into important tasks and feeling like I’m adding value to the business. I’m thoroughly enjoying it and couldn’t recommend it more!

PZ Cussons Graduate

Graduate FAQs

What is PZ Cussons looking for in their graduates?

At PZ Cussons, we believe that everyone has something unique to offer. That’s why we don’t require specific degree titles or classifications for our graduate programmes. Instead, we’re looking for a mixture of skills and behaviours that align with the requirements in the job advertisements, and with our BEST company values.

When applying for our graduate programmes, make sure to think about how you can clearly demonstrate these skills and behaviours at every stage of the process. We’re looking for applicants who are passionate about their chosen field. We’re open-minded about where this knowledge or experience has been gained – learnings from your degree course, engagement with extracurriculars, work experience, or engaging with industry news through podcasts or social media – it’s all relevant!

I didn’t study a business-related degree, but this hasn’t been an issue at all. PZ are looking for applicants who are enthusiastic about the company and the culture, and passionate about making a difference! PZ want to know what motivates you and how your skills can be applied to the programme, so be your authentic self, research the company and the roles available, and show that you are interested! – Lucy, PZ Cussons Graduate

What can I expect from the recruitment process?

The recruitment process, including timescales, is outlined in our scheme-specific job advertisements. Here’s an overview of what you can expect at each stage:

Application: Click ‘Apply Now’ and you will be taken to our application system, Workday, to submit your application. To stand out at this stage, take time to sharpen your CV to highlight how you demonstrate relevant knowledge or experience, and our BEST values.

Online Testing: Assessments will take place via a third-party test provider, TestGorilla. Further details and a link to complete the assessments sent to you via email in advance. Depending on the scheme you choose, you will need to complete three to five mini-assessments. Use the practice questions to prepare for the real thing, and find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed so you can perform at your best.

Video Interviews: Successful candidates will receive an invite to complete video interviews. Interviews will consist of two to four questions relating to your motivations, your creativity and past experiences, so think about situations and anecdotes that exemplify our BEST values. Rest assured, we will personally watch and review all of your recorded answers.

Assessment Day: Reaching this final stage means you have impressed us throughout the process so far, and we think you have a great shot at success. Our assessment centre will be held at our global head office on Aviator Way, Manchester. The day will include both individual and group tasks, including a presentation which you will prepare for in advance. There’ll also be plenty of time to speak with employees and current graduates from across the business, and we’ll give you a full office tour so you can get a feel for our culture.

Further information will be sent to you via email closer to the time, along with details of our pre-assessment centre webinar which is designed to coach you through the process and help you be your best self on the day.

If you need extra support during this process, please inform us so that we can accommodate your needs.

The whole recruitment process was very organised and streamlined with lots of communication throughout. In particular, the assessment centre was one of the best I experienced. Prepare beforehand, think about the experiences, achievements and skills you have gained and how they are relevant to the role and company. Most of all, enjoy the day! – Lucy, PZ Cussons Graduate

Make sure you know who PZ Cussons are and what we do. There’s no need to learn everything by heart, but it’s good to have some background. Make sure PZC’s values align with your own and you know why you are applying for the role. – Conor, PZ Cussons Graduate

Why should I apply to PZ Cussons?

Our graduate programmes are designed to prepare you for a role in your chosen business area at the end of the two years. Our programmes focus on developing a variety of skills and breadth of knowledge, while still being relatively focused on your chosen stream to shape you into the valued professional you want to be. Our brands are household names, which means you’ll have the opportunity to make a real impact from day one, but with the support on offer to guide and nurture you through. Our focus on filling developmental gaps and tailored development plans aims to serve you well for the scheme and your career beyond it.

At PZ Cussons, we value our culture and people. You will be welcomed into a friendly, modern office where there is always a buzz of excitement. You will join the company as part of a cohort of graduates, giving you an instant community of peers to share your experiences with and develop alongside.

Our open culture means our people are able to influence at all levels, genuinely making a difference to our business. We believe that PZ is the perfect size to start your career, big enough to make a difference but small enough to make your mark as a graduate.

We also offer great perks such as unlimited, free barista-made hot drinks, free onsite gym and fitness classes, and hybrid working to enable a great work-life balance, which are all favourites among our current graduates!

I recently got the opportunity to present some of Original Source’s upcoming products at the Quarterly Business Review. It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone as I was presenting to a large audience and the CEO, Jonathan, but I was able to prove my capabilities to not only myself but to the wider business. – Ciara, PZ Cussons Graduate

The culture at PZ is really developmental, everyone really wants you to do well. People are always willing to take the time to get to know you and share their knowledge to help you develop. – Nia, PZ Cussons Graduate

What support will I receive while on the programme?

At PZ, you’ll be welcomed into a community of professionals who are dedicated to making a difference. You’ll feel valued and challenged in a positive way, with graduate programmes that focus on your overall professional development and enhancing your technical skills.

Your two-week induction will be packed with activities that will help you understand the inner workings of the company and how your role fits into the wider strategy. You’ll get to meet senior leaders, participate in skills workshops, team challenges, and personalised psychometric insight sessions. By the end of your first fortnight, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to enter your first role.

Throughout the scheme, your Early Careers Manager will support your continuous development through 1:1 meetings and tailored training sessions. Your line managers on each rotation will teach you all there is to know about your role while you’re on the job. You’ll also have access to on-demand training resources, career coaches, mentors, and a great community of early career professionals, all to ensure your development stays front of mind.

The initial induction period was completed alongside the other graduates which makes the experience of being a new joiner much less daunting! It provided excellent exposure to the context of the company, its vision and how the company is building brands in practice. – Conor, PZ Cussons Graduate

Being a graduate, nobody expects you to know everything from day one! There are so many ways to develop yourself into the professional you want to be, and it has put my mind at ease knowing the support is there whenever I need it. – Lydia, PZ Cussons Graduate

What is the hybrid/flexible working arrangement at PZ Cussons?

We understand the importance of work-life balance. That’s why we offer a flexible, hybrid working policy that allows you to work from home or come into the office when it works best for you. You’re expected to come into the office on a minimum of two days each week, but you can come in more often if you’d like to.

We’re committed to providing our employees with the best possible work environment, whether they’re working from home or in the office. We also provide IT equipment to ensure that your work from home setup has everything you need to be comfortable and productive.

I’ve loved having the flexibility to choose what I want to do to fit in with my lifestyle. The office is super sociable which I find great for generating inspiration and creativity, but I also like having the option to work from home when I need some extra space to focus – it’s great to have a balance! – Ciara, PZ Cussons Graduate

What international experience will I gain?

The PZ Cussons graduate programme includes a placement with an international focus, offering you an exceptional opportunity to work with global brands, explore new territories and establish valuable connections with international colleagues. This first-hand experience will strengthen your CV and provide you with a valuable global perspective.

Whether you engage in virtual international projects or temporarily relocate, you will gain knowledge that few others possess by stepping outside your comfort zone for personal and professional growth.

This programme is a distinctive opportunity for you to become a well-rounded business leader to help you stand out in today’s competitive landscape.

How will my placements on the programme be chosen?

On our graduate programme, your placements will be determined by identifying the skills that make you excel in specific roles we’ve pinpointed. We aim to position you in the roles where your existing skills can have the biggest impact, enabling you to make your mark from day one. We will also ensure you have access to coaches or experts who can help you develop relevant new skills, too.

This strategic planning will amplify your natural strengths and unique talents, while also fostering your professional growth and enhancing overall team performance.

We want you to grasp the entire picture and exit the programme as a well-rounded professional, ready to conquer any challenge.

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