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Sanctuary Spa

Some beauty products are created in a laboratory – ours were born in a beautiful spa with the aim of helping women make time for themselves by recreating the spa experience at home. Inspired by therapists and formulated by experts, our body and skincare products are developed with cutting-edge formulations and luxurious ingredients, but also from hands-on experience. We know what women’s skin needs and we know what works, because we have seen the results in women’s glowing skin and happy smiles.

Product Information

Sanctuary Spa products are packed with precious oils, rich butters and powerful actives. Every cream, scrub and wash feels luxurious and is fragranced with essential oils and extracts that help it work effectively. Our original products are still best sellers today and continue to consistently win awards, especially Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub, Body Butter & Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil.


Sanctuary Spa products are available in the UK, Germany, USA and Australia.