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Our CAN DO culture

Courage, Accountability, Networking, Drive and Oneness - that’s CAN DO. And it’s much more than just a phrase on a poster or a logo on a mug – it’s the spirit that binds us and makes a PZ Cussons team recognisable and distinctive from any other organisation.

Courage, Accountability, Networking, Drive and Oneness can be seen in practise every day across the company.  Your alignment to our CAN DO values will be a key element in discovering if you could join us, and we ask our employees to continue to demonstrate CAN DO throughout their career as part of regular performance management.

Our CAN DO values are as relevant as ever

Our operating model, and as a result, our job roles have changed over the past few years and we remain focused on recruiting people who embody our CAN DO values.

It is these enduring values that make PZ Cussons the unique business it is today. It is also these values that attract people to PZ Cussons as an employer and motivate people to want to stay with us. Over 27% of our employee population has over 15 years’ service with the business, and following a three year period of significant change, our overall employee retention is still greater than 90%.

Taking initiative, entrepreneurialism and having the ability to recognise and grasp opportunities are valued at PZ Cussons – our employees enjoy being given the space and trust to create, innovate and carve out opportunities for themselves as well as the business.  At PZ Cussons we don’t like to restrict ourselves with too much structure and bureaucracy - flexibility and fluidity allow us to adapt quickly, respond to change more easily and think more freely. 

The majority of employees tell us that they strongly believe in the values and goals of the company and are proud of our products – this is evident in the passion, commitment and willingness to go above and beyond that our employees show.  There is a place and a part to play for everyone in the organisation towards the success of our business.  The feeling of being a Global Family is evident in every part of the PZ Cussons ecosystem.

Embrace the spirit of PZ Cussons and you will enjoy a surprising and successful career with us.