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Business Governance and Ethics

Business Governance & Ethics
Our Good4Business (G4B) ethics are embedded throughout the business and are supported by robust governance structures and committees. These G4B principles apply to all of our Group global operations and to every Board member and employee. We encourage and motivate everyone in the Business to use these principles in their day-to-day working lives.

We operate in a business environment which is carefully created to be open, honest and fair with our suppliers, customers and business partners. We show respect and integrity in our dealings with all of our stakeholders in the active pursuit of our G4B values. We do not tolerate corruption in any part of PZ Cussons. We support our employees and work constantly with our external stakeholders to monitor our compliance with the UK Bribery Act and other relevant legislation around the world.

Good4Business Committee
We have placed G4B firmly at the heart of our business. Every Board Director sits on the Good4Business Committee. The Committee is chaired by independent Non-executive Director Ngozi Edozien and is responsible for agreeing and overseeing a programme of specific G4B activities for each financial year and for ensuring that our G4B principles are reflected in our Group strategy.

The Committee’s terms of reference and a copy of the G4B statement are available on the PZ Cussons Group website

Safeguarding our consumers
We put safety first and we will never compromise on it. The sectors which we operate in are generally highly regulated, and we ensure that we are fully compliant at all times with local and international regulations. Where we feel that it is appropriate, however, we will apply our own standards and protocols in excess of local requirements in order to meet the highest consumer safety standards or to respond to consumer concerns.

To that end, we regularly review the ingredients used within our range of global products. Our Materials of
Concern Committee monitors the materials which we use in the light of evolving scientific evidence, regulatory opinion and the views and concerns of our consumers. Where the science supports the safe use of an ingredient but there are consumer concerns, we take this into consideration and aim to find alternative ingredients. By way of example, this year work has been completed to reformulate all Group products to remove all Triclosans.

Against animal testing
We are against all forms of animal testing in the development or marketing of our products. We do not test ingredients on animals. We do not commission or request any of our suppliers or associates to test ingredients or our products on animals.

It has been some years since animal testing on cosmetic products and ingredients in EU countries was prohibited. We fully support the stance taken by governing bodies, such as the European Union, and the changes being made in this direction in other regulatory environments in China, India, United States and elsewhere to eradicate the use of animals in the testing of cosmetics globally.

To safeguard our consumers, we recognise the need for reliable, fully validated non-animal testing methods and we support FRAME (Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments). We help to fund their independent research activities and support their campaign for better science and the advancement of non-animal methods, which we believe will benefit the whole cosmetics and household products industry.