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Working together to deliver palm oil transformation

Supporting smallholders in Cross River State

As part of our strategy to support the development of Nigeria’s palm oil sector, we are supporting 43 small holder palm oil farmers, who together cultivate 150 ha of land in Cross River State.

The Biase Plantations Limited (BPL) Outgrower Scheme is a pilot project to demonstrate how a viable and sustainable Outgrower Scheme can function in the Cross-River State, South Nigeria.

Before starting the pilot, detailed social and environmental assessments were conducted, including High Conservation Value assessments to ensure that the project areas do not fall within priority conservation areas.

Farmers were also supported in forming co-operatives, opening bank accounts and obtaining legal land ownership documents. With support from BPL, detailed boundary surveys were conducted, and Customary Rights of Occupancy documents acquired and approved.

As of January 2019, planting has been completed on the farms of three of the four cooperatives, with the remaining farm expected to be fully planted by August 2019. 

Creating access to finance for smallholder palm oil farmers in Nigeria

Through PZ Wilmar, our joint-venture partner in Nigeria, we are working with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and other commercial banks to create access to finance for smallholders with verifiable land titles to invest in revitalising old and inefficient plantations.  


As of January 2019, there are over 1,000 farmers registered and waiting for funding. In preparation, over 2,500 ha of farms have been mapped and geo-referenced to ensure that Outgrower plots are not situated within forest reserves or protected areas. 

Initial sensitisation and training has been delivered for the farmers who have in turn organised themselves into 40 registered cooperatives with clear leadership and governance structures. These farmers have all been encouraged to open bank accounts. 


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