Sanctuary Spa Addresses the Nations Self-Care Gap

15 September 2021 | Corporate

Are we treating ourselves to enough self-care each day, what self-care really is and what counts? 

Earlier this year we asked women about their lifestyle – a staggering 94% of UK women have felt the benefits of taking time-out for themselves with two-thirds saying they feel calmer and more relaxed, less stressed and anxious when they do and 56% feeling generally happier. However, the survey also revealed that over the last 6 months, 61% of UK women (aged 18-65) are, on average, only managing to spend 17 minutes and 7 seconds per day on themselves. When asked how much time they would ideally like, the average came back as 51 minutes and 9 seconds a day. A definite self-care gap. 

So we are taking a bold move. We are addressing this national self-care gap and shining a spotlight on self-care and reframing the way women look at it. Instead of women thinking of it as a ‘guilty pleasure’, we want them to think of it as a ‘pleasurable necessity’. We are bringing our 44 years of self-care expertise to inspire women to establish self-care as a regular habit. 

We are encouraging women to embrace a recommended 25 mins-a-day of self-care to feel great on the inside and look great on the outside. 

Gone are the unrealistic images of yoga retreats and that forever out-of-reach long, luxurious spa days. And in come those heavenly chunks of pure joy that anyone can experience. From 30 seconds of deep breathing to 5 minutes indulging in a spa-grade Sanctuary product, it all adds up to make a healthier, happier version of you.

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