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Luksja is an innovative and modern personal care brand for everyday women. Our mission is to take care of feminine skin and pamper it in the best possible way. That is why we only use the highest quality ingredients in our products, known for their nourishing, moisturising and smoothing  properties and extraordinary fragrances.

Product Information

SHOWER GELS - Luksja Care Pro nourishing shower milks with body balm ingredients, Luksja Active Vitamins shower nectars with vitamin A+E+C complex.

BATH FOAMS - Luksja Creamy classic range with subtle fragrances and cocooning foam. Luksja Patisserie indulging line with mouth-watering, confectionary-like fragrances.

LIQUID SOAPS - Luksja Creamy classic range with moisturisers and delicate fragrances. Luksja Fruity energising line with luscious fragrances and moisturising ingredients.

BAR SOAPS - Creamy Touch – line of moisturising creamy soap with subtle fragrances. Fruity – beauty and colour soap with fresh, floral and fruity scents, Nostalgia – natural soap with vegetable, herbal and citrus oils.

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Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine.