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PZ Cussons demonstrates continued commitment to its Palm Oil Promise


Six-month update report shows progress against all five strategic objectives in PZ Cussons’ 2020 Action Plan for palm oil.

19.06.19 LON Leading international consumer products group, PZ Cussons has announced progress against all five strategic objectives in its 2020 Action Plan. The Plan is the company’s roadmap towards sourcing 100% of its palm oil from producers who are compliant with No Deforestation / No Peat / No Exploitation (NDPE) standards by 2020. 

One of the most significant steps forward is the selection of Starling and Kumacaya to independently verify non-compliance across its global supply chain.  PZ Cussons has also begun transformation work by implementing Earthworm Foundation’s High Impact Supplier Programme. This will address identified non-compliance and drive change in local communities.  

Sam Plant, Corporate Services Director at PZ Cussons, said: “Addressing deforestation is a key part of our Good 4 Business (G4B) strategy to drive positive change in society. We are really pleased with the progress we have made since publishing our 2020 Action Plan in October last year, but we recognise that we still have a way to go on some of our goals. For example, we have developed an outline plan to address regeneration of cleared forests, but finalising this remains work in progress and is a priority.”

PZ Cussons can currently trace 92% of its crude palm oil and palm kernel oil back to the mill, however, it’s falling short of its interim goal of 80% traceability for derivatives. 

Sam Plant continues: “Currently 90% of our palm oil derivatives are supplied by suppliers with NDPE commitments aligned with ours. We are in final stage discussions with two key derivative suppliers and are confident that we will meet our interim goal of 80% traceability of derivatives in the coming weeks.” 

Alongside its joint venture partner Wilmar, PZ Cussons is working to support the development of Nigeria’s palm oil industry in line with NDPE standards. For example, it is working with local banks to create access to finance for smallholders with verifiable land titles to invest in revitalising old and inefficient plantations. 

The 2020 Action Plan builds on the company’s 2014 Palm Oil Promise. It sets out 12 detailed goals against five strategic objectives, focusing on governance, traceability, transformation, transparency and leveraging PZ Cussons’ unique position in Nigeria to drive NDPE compliance.  

Read PZ Cussons’ 2020 Palm Oil Action Plan here:


Starling, created by Airbus and Earthworm Foundation uses a combination of high resolution imagery and radar data in order to provide monitoring of land cover change, focusing on forest cover loss. It is a private and independent tool that allows companies to monitor the implementation of their No Deforestation policy. Starling uses Airbus’s high-resolution SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 satellites as well as dozens of other third-party sensors. The data generated is then processed through machine learning algorithms which are designed for large geographical areas. With sharp accuracy and detailed resolution, Starling’s reference maps differentiate between production forests that include palm plantations, natural forests and other areas. 

Kumacaya provides independent monitoring of social and environmental issues by local people. 

Announcement on PZ Cussons membership of Earthworm Foundation

PZ Cussons has become a palm oil member of Earthworm Foundation and the two organisations will now work together to build traceability of the supply chain.


PZ Cussons statement on Palm Oil

Securing a long-term sustainable supply of palm oil is a priority for PZ Cussons. We seek to be open and transparent with all our stakeholders and are aligned with Greenpeace’s call for consumer companies to disclose their palm oil suppliers.


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